How it works

Numis Connect is a connecting platform for Numismatists for trading, buying and selling coins and bank notes.

1. Post your Coins or Bank Notes

Post your entire collection of coins and bank notes with easy steps

  • Sign up or register for free
  • Create your Numismatist profile.
  • Start posting about your extraordinary Numismatic collection.
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Provide as much information about your collection to other Numismatists

  • Post an image of your collection.
  • Provide details on the age, denomination, country of origin, weight, metal, etc.
  • Quote a fixed price at which a Numismatist can buy.
My Collections

Other Numismatist can view complete details about your collection and make a purchase decision

  • Numismatists on the website will view your collection.
  • They will then connect with you to deal with you.
  • You will be exchanging your contact details to complete the deal.
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2. Buy Coins and Bank Notes from other Numismatists

Get access to World’s largest collection of coins and bank notes

  • See the posts of coins and bank notes for sale by other Numismatists.
  • See the posts of coins and bank notes for sale by other Numismatists.
  • Connect with the Owners of the coins or bank notes to make purchases.

Make a right purchase decision for the right price

  • When you like a collection, immediately connect with the Owner of the collection.
  • You may send private messages and you will also get to know their contact details.
  • You can directly interact with them to close the deal for the best price.

Expand your collection and make it wealthier

  • You will be getting access to the collections from Numismatists of other countries
  • You may come across many collections that you still do not possess.
  • Buy unique collection of coins and bank notes and expand your collection.

Get to know about coins and bank notes you possibly wouldn’t have heard of

  • NumisConnect welcomes all the Numismatists across the world to join this network.
  • Numismatists from different countries would possess different collections.
  • You may get to buy rarest of rare collections from across the globe.

You may connect with any number of Numismatists all across the world

  • Get to know people with the same interest.
  • Share knowledge among each other on the fascinating topic of Numismatics.
  • Expand your network of Numismatists by reaching out to Numismatists of other countries.

3. Let your collection get wider, richer and wealthier

Become a part of World’s largest Numismatics networking and trading Community

  • Get to connect with as many Numismatists from as many countries.
  • Get to buy coins and bank notes from as many collections from different countries and origin.
  • Widen your collection of coins and bank notes and expand your network of Numismatists.