Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a Numismatist? If your answer is yes, then, kindly sign up and register with NumisConnect website absolutely for free.

You may post about all your collections, including coins, bank notes, medals, etc.

Post the coins and bank notes with photos, videos along with description including the age of the coin, the metal, the weight, denomination, country to which the coin is native, etc. Provide as much information to other Numismatists so that they can buy from you with complete confidence.

No, NumisConnect only indulges in connecting you with other Numismatists. Once you are connected with another Numismatist, you may exchange contact details and interact with them directly for buying and selling activities.

The NumisConnect website has been created only to help Numismatists form a network and we do hope only for that. However, we do not take the responsibility of verifying the Numismatists if they are genuine.

No, the prices for the coins can be quoted by the Numismatists and that is completely up to their own discretion. We request, you make a careful decision on buying the coins and bank notes with other Numismatists.